Firefox – go grab it

If you don’t have Firefox installed as your default browser, why not grab it and give it a try?

The Firefox logo with a flaming fox on a globe

Firefox is a browser on the rise and with good reason. It’s open source, secure, performs well, renders pages extremely well and in the opinion  of many, generally outclasses Internet Explorer which is quietly losing market share to its nearest rival.

It’s a must have for developers as it packs some very useful plug-ins. But many of these extensions enhance just the online browsing experience with a range of great features. The browser market is definitely on the move. Firefox is giving users something they want – open source flexibility and extendability and a great online experience.

Sorry – this sounds like a bit on of an ad doesn’t it! Just spreading good news.

But don’t take my word for it, check it out for yourself.

Firefox home base

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