Open Source – Making the Web a Better Place

John Lilly, CEO of Mozilla –

On the success of the Firefox web browser:

“Nobody ever expected Firefox to get 10 per cent of the market, let alone 25. We just wanted to make sure the internet was created by people, not by companies. Our message is that the choices you make about technology – be it your browser, phone or your favourite social network – all have implications regarding, say, where your data is stored and who knows what about you. It’s pretty important to consider the technology that mediates your relationship with your doctor, or with your government.”

On promoting the Firefox web browser:

“For me advertising isn’t very effective money spent. I’d rather participate in evangelism initiatives or give money to universities for programmes. That’s baked into Mozilla: we’re empowering people to change things, not to consume things. Market share is nice, but it’s never been our main goal. Our goal is to help normal people figure out how to engage in the creation of the net. Whether you’re in Tanzania or Thailand, you should understand that you don’t have to wait for technology from Silicon Valley to change the web; you can do it yourself.”

Source: NZ herald Online: “What your web browser says about you” Accessed 04 April 2010

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