Dropbox Online Storage and Sharing

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Store and share files online with Dropbox

Dropbox is a popular, reliable and simple way to backup files online, share files with colleagues, friends and family and collaborate on projects.

Installing Dropbox on your computer is straightforward. Once Dropbox is installed, it creates a folder much like any other folder on your computer, the only difference being that any file in the folder also exists in your online Dropbox folder. They are synchronised, hence you have a backup copy.

An icon displays the status of the file or folder, letting you know when it is fully synchronised.

You can store any type of file, including media, and share folders with anyone else who has a drop box account.

Share folders are synchronised; when you add an file to your Dropbox folder, it will appear in your friend’s folder and visa versa. This makes collaboration, sharing and backing up a breeze.

You can also create a photo album that can be shared with anyone – no Dropbox account required.

There are a bunch of other ways you can use this service.

Accounts come with 2GB of free storage with up to 100GB available. Another nice feature – you get another 250MB free storage up to 8GB for each person you sign up.

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