Is Facebook Worth the Effort?

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Some things are certain when it comes to using social media as part of your business strategy: It will cost you time, take significant effort, you will encounter frustrations, and you will encounter a range of opinions as to the worth of it all.

Here’s an interesting read on the subject from Debbie Mayo-Smith of the NZ Herald: Are Facebook business pages worth the effort?

As usual, the comments are an essential part of this article.

Mayo-Smith’s generally negative experience underlines the need for a carefully strategised approach – as one person comments:

“Facebook is a powerful tool, just like Twitter. It is very much a key part to any modern marketing strategy in my opinion. And as Eamon said, you need a “carefully defined strategy” rather than a shot gun.”

This article is worth a read if only as a cautionary tale.

The reality is that with 750 Million people on Facebook, free access, and Google’s indexing of Facebook pages, Facebook can generally be a useful asset in your businesses’ marketing portfolio.

Here are some bullet points that are worth considering if you plan to use Facebook pages.

1. Do a cost-benefit analysis. The main issue is not whether you can make Facebook pages work for you, but whether you have the resources to make them work. If will take time and ongoing learning. There is a certain skill set required.

2. Make a plan. Formulate a strategy based on your particular business and what you want to achieve. Research what is working for your peers. Dip into the over-abundance of material available on the interwebs. Visit and like some successful FB pages and learn what you can.

3. Be in for the long haul. For most businesses, social media marketing is a long term commitment. Building things little by little.

4. Monitor your progress using measurable parameters. Keep reassessing your strategy. Adjust your goals if necessary.

5. Stay up with the play. Change is the only constant in the online jungle. Evolve or decay.

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