Gordon Range, Nelson, NZ [pic]

Looking south from Gordon Range

Taken last weekend on a short trek up the Gordon Range in Tasman from the Inwood Lookout car park. Weather was perfect, by the time I was on the ridge there was virtually no wind. Shot from around -41.596646, 172.928934 looking SSW towards the St Arnaud Range which can be seen in the distance. Gordon’s Knob is on the right, point 1564 on the left.

There’s a purplish slate-like rock up on this ridge, not sure what it is, but interesting. You can also see the white ‘Vegetable sheep’ mid picture – either Raoulia eximia or Haastia pulvinaris – feel free to leave a comment if you know which it is!

Have a few more shots from this trip which I’ll add if I get time, including a close up of one of the plants in question.

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