Angry at Social Media?

I’ll be honest with you – Facebook isn’t really my favourite thing. Social media’s great, but Facebook gets on my nerves. Whether it’s their disdain for their users’ privacy or their attempts to redefine ‘normal’ in the way people relate to each other. Their bottom line is obvious – Facebook users are products. All that aside, Facebook pages are a powerful marketing tool and I use them.

Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn… Pinterest. They will consume your time, try your patience and shape the way you interact with the online world. And when we reflect sensibly on the matter we realise they are not ‘free’.

You can choose to ignore them, opt out either by default or a deliberate choice, but like it or not they are part of the rapidly moving world of online marketing and connection.

My advice? Get yourself a cuppa, sit down and do some research – online. Observe, absorb, try to be objective. If you can find them, talk to people who use SM effectively and get their advice. When you’re satisfied you have a balanced picture and have done a real cost benefit analysis, decide what you’re going to do and commit to carrying out your plan with consistency and tenacity.

Growing your business or sharing your message with social media takes time, but when done correctly, it works.

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