Your Website is a Hub

Remember the days when all you had was a website that was one big page with blinking text and a gaudy background which your neighbour put together for your one afternoon using frontpage express on his windows 98 machine that took 5 minutes to boot up and crashed a couple of times most days ‘cos there was ‘something not right in there’?

Those were the days. But they’re gone now.

Now your website is a hub at the centre of a bewildering array of social media tools, apps & services that seem to change and evolve on a daily basis but with the potential to launch a product, service or message to a global market with an insatiable hunger for something that resonates with their particular story.

It’s the new reality. The only question is how well you understand it and whether you’re able to leverage the right tools to harness it’s potential.

Some advice from Mashable for small businesses using social media:

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