The Twitter Effect

A nice piece from Amelia Wade on the psychology of tweeting:

“Colin Mathura-Jeffree lives a “fascinating” life. He gets extravagant gift bags from exclusive launches and eats lime, coffee, blueberry lamingtons – the “news” of which he shares with online voyeurs.

And when Kate Hawkesby went last month to a French restaurant with her husband, Mike Hosking, she apparently ate three courses. A friend wanted to know if she got the chocolate dessert.

“Was so tempted by that but had the trio of creme brulee instead!” the former broadcaster shared on Twitter.

As social media expands, people are sharing more of their so-called private lives. But why are celebrities and the public alike – here and abroad – so compelled to reveal such mundane details as what they ate for lunch, how they stubbed their toe on their bedside table or that it’s raining outside?

Seemingly private people – celebrities such as Kim Dotcom and Kim Kardashian – shun media interviews about their home lives yet talk freely on the internet…

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