Is Social Media Ruining Marketing?

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Trends come and go but some things are basic to good business. If you’ve ever had nagging doubts about the rapid rise of social media marketing and how it affects the dynamics of business communication, this article by Alex Goldfayn is an interesting read:

Social media is one of the worst things to ever happen to the discipline of marketing. The rise of Facebook and Twitter as marketing vehicles has spawned a generation of young professionals who talk instead of listen. They think engaging in “the conversation” is more important than identifying your audience, understanding what motivates them, and developing powerful messaging to address those motivations.

Here’s the reality: Social media has made marketers lazy, because so many people think it is the magic bullet for new sales. It’s not. It never has been. And it never will be. It’s just one of many available platforms for your marketing message, and you should use it as such. Don’t exclude it, be present there, but be present in a variety of other platforms as well. Here are five reasons why.

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