Why Do I Need a Web Site?

The Revolution

The triumphant clenched fist of revolution.comYou are part of the biggest communications revolution in history. Never before has it been possible for an individual to broadcast in real time to a global audience the way almost anyone can today. And we’re only at the beginning of this new era.

The internet is changing the way everybody communicates, obtains information and does business. For some, it’s overwhelming. For others, it’s the new marketplace. Whoever you are, the internet has become an unavoidable part of doing business.

Unless you’ve been living off the grid or in a remote part of the third world for the last twenty years, none of this is new news. The only question is, have you engaged with the new reality?

You’re already online – so take control

Whether you know it or not, if you’re in business, you’re already online. Google yourself and you’ll see. Other people and businesses are already compiling information about you and your services. And people are already accessing that information. You may have put some of that information about yourself online. Others definitely have, with or without your consent.

If you care about your brand, you will want to take control of your online profile. The best way to do that is by creating a website that will become the focal point of your online presence – somewhere you can place the information you want people to know about your business, organisation or endeavour.

Your customers are online

The internet is making the yellow pages obsolete. Print media is taking a big hit; it no longer delivers the value it once did. Shopping online is becoming common place. Recent surveys confirm the trend: 85 – 90% of people are using the internet to find local businesses. Yes, word of mouth recommendations will always have their place, but here’s the new reality: the internet is fast becoming the first point of contact for doing business.

So, your customers expect you to have an online presence and they will judge your business by how professional it looks and how functional it is.

Broadcast Yourself

Building an online presence takes time – you’re not the only one thinking about using the vast potential of the internet to build their business.

Rock band from the old days
Start now, build consistently and you’ll not only be developing an essential business asset, you’ll be going where your customers are looking for you.

Not all websites are equal. We’re focussed on quality and build websites that use the latest technologies and standards to get best results.

Do you already have a site that needs updating? Are you thinking about getting online but don’t know where to start?

Talk to us about your needs and we’ll work with you to create a custom solution that suits your business or purpose. We can handle as much or as little of the whole process as you decide. We’ll take the hassle out of getting you set up online and running smoothly.

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