The Unstable Table Jelly Co

The Unstable Table jelly Co

The Unstable Table Jelly Co based in Wellington, produces boutique Jelly, Marshmallow and also their own innovation – ‘Jellyscapes’.

While their current focus is catering and creating Jellyscapes for parties and events, they are finding a market for their marshmallows which are free of artificial colourings, corn syrup and cane sugar.

“We make Jellies & Marshmallow with real fruit, no fake flavourings, no colourings.”

WordPress provides the platform for this web design project and gives the owners the ability to fine tune and add text or images at any time. The theme is designed to be device agnostic so whether you are viewing it on a desktop, tablet or smart phone it delivers an optimised layout without losing any of the content, important for both usability and SEO.

Their original design, which evolved a little over the course of the build, is clean and engaging. Great images do much of the story telling, producing a site that communicates effectively without clutter.

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