Farewell Spit Eco Tours Panorama

Buoyed by past success, I’ve been taking a few more panoramas with the trusty LG G2 Mini. The one below was taken on a recent weekend in Golden Bay, during a fantastic Farewell Spit Eco Tour.

Weather was great. The driver/tour guide was great, keeping up an informative and entertaining commentary during the trip which ranged from local history (geological, environmental & political) to ornithology and possibly climaxed with an impressive recitation of collective nouns (you had to be there ;).

I thoroughly recommend the trip if you in that neck of the woods.

The shot starts facing East, looking towards the end of Farewell Spit. The stump (Willow) was washed up onto the beach after recent flooding having travelled from the Bay clear around the Spit!

There’s a bit of exposure variation evident in the sky, but still pretty impressive for a point and shoot, created on the spot and especially given considerable reflection off sand and water. Well done LG!

Panorama - Farewell Spit Eco Tour - Dec 2014
a lifeform labs project supporting the brook waimarama sanctuary - nelson nz