Midyear Update

See what happens when you ignore your own best advice?

Yes, I’ve been shamefully remiss as far as blog updates are concerned. Is there any comeback from that? By way of excuse, the first half of this year has been pretty busy in the WordPress universe.

Christchurch Cathedral 2015-04-16

Image – April 2015: my first ‘close-up’ visit to the Christchurch Cathedral since the earthquake…

If a common theme has emerged from the work I’m doing at the moment it’s both the versatility of the WordPress platform and challenges facing businesses seeking appropriate solutions to their needs.

Is WordPress the best solution for your business? I recently reflected on how much time I spend just staying up-to-date with WordPress development and associated technologies. This is part and parcel of working with any advanced business software – web-based or otherwise. Things constantly change; there is always more to learn.

A surprising percentage of my current work could be termed ‘WordPress Rescue’ – unraveling poorly deployed WordPress sites. It’s a privilege to be able to help businesses get their sites back on track, but it can be a time consuming and costly exercise.

When it comes to finding the right solution for your business needs, Caveat Emptor. Do your homework, search for objective information on your product or service. Don’t let others do the thinking and research that you as a business owner should be doing.

In other news, I’m doing some video work these days and have a couple of projects on the go. One of these is a short video I’m putting together with Lee Woodman, a friend who is currently exhibiting at the Salt Gallery in Nelson.

Exclusive World Premier will be right here – stay tuned. In the meantime if you’re in Nelson, check out the exhibition which is on till June 30.

Lee Woodman's String Theory Exhibition - Salt Gallery - NELSON, May 13 - June 30 2015Hey – thanks for reading this far! More soon on some of some of our current project work. Take care out there.

a lifeform labs project supporting the brook waimarama sanctuary - nelson nz