Red Peak FTW

Read Peak FTW

Yes, I know it’s all the thing to be talking about the Flag at the moment.

But from a place of mild disinterest and bemusement, like many others I’ve become alarmed at the prospect that our national flag could well change for the worse.

Setting aside the larger question of why $25M of perfectly good tax payers money is being spent on a referendum that most people didn’t want, the process behind the selection of the final four was clearly flawed as demonstrated by the bizarre selection of three very similar designs, two virtually identical designs, one design that clearly is not in the running and will be construed by some as a ‘token Maori’ design and other revelations about the panel.

Any referendum based on only these choices will never be seen as valid by thinking individuals™. Understandably, opponents are encouraging public protest; abstain from voting, render the voting paper invalid or cast a strategic vote for the worst design.

The excuse that it’s too much trouble to change the referendum rules at this stage – given what’s at stake – only confirms the widespread belief that the whole campaign is shot through with political ambition and personal agendas.

Unhappily, I’m not sure if the inclusion of Red Peak – an actual flag design with some depth – in the referendum would necessarily change the outcome. Poles suggest that quite a few people like the idea of the Silver Fern or Southern Cross; we may still end up with a sports themed tea towel hanging on our flag poles.

But I agree with those who see its inclusion as the only way to avoid a complete fiasco.

God defend New Zealand from itself.

(And maybe we should hold off on changing the national anthem for now.)

UPDATE 15th Sept 2015: 50 000 Strong Petition handed over, hope for Red Peak inclusion…

UPDATE #2 23 Sept 2015: That troublesome ‘Read Peak’ community, so vocal and active on social media and what have you, can chalk up a small victory for democracy with the inclusion of Red Peak in the referendum. Whether it was all a clever ploy by John Key to be seen as a man of the people or not (and good on the Greens for stepping up), it’s been a win for clear thinking and common sense. Read more on the herald – Flag referendum: Red Peak design to be added as fifth option – John Key Petition

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