Transform Your Business with the Right Tools

Confucius circa. 1770

Truism for the day: You won’t really know the impact a change will have until you make it.

So true. In fact, it doesn’t seem that long ago I upgraded my phone from an LG p500 to an LG G2 Mini.

A big moment.

I don’t upgrade lightly. But the back button was broken and desperate times called for desperate measures.

Who could have predicted the effect a new (reasonably priced) phone would have?

Certainly not me anyway, dear reader. And that’s the thing.

A larger, higher resolution, better quality screen. An up-to-date version of the Android OS. Transformation. It changed from being ‘that darn phone with the broken back button’ to a full on business management tool.

I was the envy of the household. That is, until my wife won a new smart phone in a Facebook competition not long after. Then we were able celebrate the joys of technological advancement together.

Nowadays we don’t seem to talk much. We’re too busy on our respective devices. I’ve started to forget what she looks like actually. She texted me other day. That was nice.

toolsforthejobNo, but seriously folks – having the right tools can change your life.

In business, even small incremental improvements in efficiency can transform your operation.

We often feel it’s easier to stick with the systems and tools we have in place. Change can be hard. We’re busy. What we have in place works ‘OK’.

We put up with the frustrations because we think the cost of change is too high.

Don’t get me wrong. This is not change for change’s sake.

And there are plenty of people who’d like to sell you their products. Even if it’s not really the best solution for you – because that’s how they make a living.

Hard to believe that sort of thing still goes on here in the Shire – but I’ve seen it happen. Scary.

And I’m not saying the best tools will necessarily cost you money.

What I am saying is – think about your organisation’s management areas that drive you a bit nuts.

Imagine what it would be like to fix them. Feels good, right?

You know what? There is a solution out there that will fit your need pretty well.

If it’s an online tool, it’s quite likely there’s a free version with enough functionality to do the job.

For example, I’ve been trialling various project & task management apps for a while and there are some great products out there operating on the freemium model.

A change is as good as a holiday they say. Need a holiday? Want a better workflow?

Go on, bite the bullet. Feel the fear and do it anyway. { Add your own motivational cliché here }.

Don’t wait for the meltdown, the walkout, the massive data loss, the hack, the privacy breach, the lawsuit, the Apocalypse. Sort it now.

Free yourself.

Try making that change in your business operations you scarcely dare believe is possible. If you get it right, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner and want to buy me a beer.

If you don’t… well, make sure you read the disclaimer at the bottom of this page and remember – thorough research is always the key to everything.

Good luck, be strong – and if you see my wife around tell her I miss her.

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