About Lifeform Labs

Lifeform Labs Web Design specialises in WordPress, the most popular content management system on the planet.

We design & develop powerful websites that enable you promote your business and tell your story effectively.

Bob enjoys the view from a mountain top

A successful online presence is about more than just having a website. Engaging your audience requires a marketing strategy suited to your particular goals…

Web Design, SEO & Marketing

Lifeform Labs is a web design studio based in sunny Nelson at the top of New Zealand’s South Island.

Rob Edwards here, chief coffee drinker at the Labs. I’ve been developing websites since 2002 and working with content management systems (CMS) since 2004.

I’ve witnessed the rise of WordPress from a humble blogging platform to become the number one open source CMS which now powers over a quarter of the internet.

Its massive user base and vibrant development community make WordPress a solid choice if you’re looking for a business website with flexibility and extendable functionality. WordPress does simple and complicated well. It’s going to be around long term, which means peace of mind for you and me.

I’ve had over two decades of business experience in the Nelson region and have postgraduate qualifications in literature. I love bringing my skills and experience to bear on new projects and seeing tangible results.

Lifeform Labs collaborates with businesses of all types and sizes offering web design, e-commerce, custom-coded solutions, copywriting, social media marketing strategies along with on-site and off-site SEO.

We’re all about the wood and the trees. Which means your business can get the kind of attention to detail it deserves, while keeping the big picture in sight.

And when I’m not in the office building the interwebs, you’re most likely to find me out biking, paddling or trekking up a mountainside somewhere in one of the region’s national parks, camera at the ready.

If you have an existing business or startup and are serious about powering up your online strategy, let’s talk.

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