Nelson Masked Parade 2010 – Images

This year’s annual Masked Parade lived up to its reputation as a spectacle of sound, colour and enthusiasm. Entrants and spectators enjoyed perfect weather, plenty of post-parade food options and good entertainment from the More FM Carnivale and Sonic 1903 Live Zone. The theme – ‘On the Move’ inspired a kaleidoscope of creativity which included… Continue Reading → – Discovering Pure NZ website homepage

EcoFind is a project promoting sustainable businesses and eco-tourism in New Zealand. Here at the Labs, we believe everyone should get a fair go. Business is at the heart of a sustainable future and a responsible present, so we’d like to think we’re supporting Kiwi businesses making choices that are good for the planet. EcoFind… Continue Reading →

Nelson Bays Harmony Website

Code+ has been reborn with a shiny new name: LifeformLabs The site will get a bit of a makeover in the next wee while when we can squeeze it in between other projects! (a builder’s house is never finished) One of these projects is the Nelson Harmony website. The site has been quietly shaped by… Continue Reading →

Daily Drop Cap

he Daily Drop Cap website is the work of typographer and illustrator Jessica Hische and a fine example of what is good on the net. The Drop Cap works are made available for beautifying blogs under a Creative Commons License and are fun for the whole family. Art In The Age Presents… Jessica Hische from… Continue Reading →

Online Privacy and the Death of Facebook

social media makes the world go round

As the outcry over Facebook’s  privacy policies continues to gain momentum, the reality that personal information is tradable commodity has come into sharp relief. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s vision of a Brave New Internet is causing many to re-evaluate the hidden costs of ‘free’ social media tools. The growing disquiet over Facebook privacy is a… Continue Reading →

Open Source – Making the Web a Better Place

John Lilly, CEO of Mozilla – On the success of the Firefox web browser: “Nobody ever expected Firefox to get 10 per cent of the market, let alone 25. We just wanted to make sure the internet was created by people, not by companies. Our message is that the choices you make about technology –… Continue Reading →

Stay organised with ReminderFox

Reminder Fox logo

Calendar applications can sometimes be overly complex. If you’re looking for a Firefox or Thunderbird extension that gives you good, but not over-the-top reminder functionality and a nice interface, ReminderFox may be what you’re looking for. It offers date based reminders for appointments, birthdays etc with pop-up and snooze options, as well as a handy… Continue Reading →

Spam and the BCC

A picture of the blind carbon copy option

If you’ve ever received email spam and wondered what the BCC field is for – or have never heard of it – this post is for you. The Fight Against Spam The battle against email spam waxes and wanes. At the moment it’s pretty much waning. By some estimations email spam accounts for around 94%… Continue Reading →

Web Standards

Why are Web Standards Important? Here’s an explanation of web standards from The Web Standards Project: Complying with web standards can give your web pages greater visibility in web searches. The structural information present in compliant documents makes it easy for search engines to access and evaluate the information in those documents, and they get… Continue Reading →

Firefox – go grab it

The Firefox logo with a flaming fox on a globe

If you don’t have Firefox installed as your default browser, why not grab it and give it a try? Firefox is a browser on the rise and with good reason. It’s open source, secure, performs well, renders pages extremely well and in the opinion  of many, generally outclasses Internet Explorer which is quietly losing market… Continue Reading →

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