Easy Secure Passwords

password crisis

Internet security is never far from the news these days. In the light of recent high profile security breaches, two pieces of advice come to the fore: use different passwords on all your accounts and make sure they are strong. This is pretty much part II of an article I wrote on good password practises… Continue Reading →

The Townhouse, Nelson

The Townhouse: Luxury apartment accommodation, Nelson, New Zealand

The Townhouse: Luxury apartment accommodation, Nelson, New Zealand. Project Brief: Create a WordPress powered website to replace the old static site. This theme is responsive (adapts and displays well on all devices) with a fresh clean look, has a gallery that the client can easily expand, a booking calendar and form. The site utilises some… Continue Reading →

What is WordPress?

WordPress is Great

If you have been browsing the internet lately, chances are you have already encountered WordPress. WordPress is software used to make websites. It powers millions of sites on the web. As of early 2016 around 26% of the entire web is powered by WordPress! Those sites are seen by tens of millions of people every… Continue Reading →

Why Do I Need a Web Site?

The Revolution You are part of the biggest communications revolution in history. Never before has it been possible for an individual to broadcast in real time to a global audience the way almost anyone can today. And we’re only at the beginning of this new era. The internet is changing the way everybody communicates, obtains… Continue Reading →

Royals – Covers by Mayer Hawthorne and Pentatonix

The original is actually growing on me. And everyone seems to be covering Lorde’s Royals, some are worth listening to. Likin’ the groove of Hawthorne’s cover… ..and loving this amazing version from the brilliant Pentatonix Go kiwi music.

Is a Content Management System the Best Option for Me?

Question mark

I remember telling a web designer friend about WordPress years ago: “What’s WordPress?” he asked. “It’s a content management system” “What’s a content management system?” My how times have changed. Now content management systems (CMS) are the new driving force on the web.


Screenshot of soundpipt.co.nz

Soundpit is a recording studio based in Wakefield near Neslon. Owner Shane Clayton had a design starting point for his website that evolved as the project progressed. The site is WordPress powered and built on a solid theme framework which is fully responsive. Not shy of a new challenge and certainly no stranger to computers,… Continue Reading →

An introduction to HTML for beginners

The official HTML5 logo

“If you’re going to be managing—or regularly contributing to—a WordPress blog, it’s helpful to know some basic HTML. I know it can seem a bit intimidating, but it’s just like anything else in life—it’s not as complicated as it looks. And it’s your friend! It can help you to do amazing things when telling your… Continue Reading →


Screenshot of jessieleov.com

Jessie Leov is a Nelson based song writer and musician. The brief for this site was something simple and clean to present the artist’s work without distraction. Jessie wanted a site she could take full control of, changing styles colours, images and backgrounds etc. WordPress was the ideal solution and the site continues to evolve.

Haiti Trip – stuff.co.nz and Radio NZ

The Kenbe La Team at Henri Christophe School, Darbonne, Haiti

The Nelson Mail published an article about the trip to Haiti which I should have posted about here by now ;) Here’s the link to the online version stuff.co.nz: http://www.stuff.co.nz/nelson-mail/news/8777225/Never-give-up-Kiwis-build-in-Haiti-heat Here’s a Jim Mora interview about the trip that happened this afternoon on Radio NZ: “Haiti Recovery”

a lifeform labs project supporting the brook waimarama sanctuary - nelson nz