Content Management Systems

What is a Content Management System?

A Content Management System (CMS) is software that allows a website owner to update and manage the content and look of their own site through a browser based interface much like a word processor, as well as a variety of apps depending on the system.

WordPress Specialists

WordPress powers a growing number of websites – in 2016, around 25% of all sites on the www – that’s a lot. And it’s good news for WordPress users. There’s a vast and accessible knowledge base covering everything you’d want to know about WordPress – from the basics to the technical stuff.

The Shiny Blue WordPress LogoWe’ve been working with WordPress since 2004 and witnessed its evolution from humble blogging platform to one of the most popular content managements systems in use today. It’s quality Open Source software that’s getting better all the time.

We work with WordPress on a daily basis, creating and hosting and maintaining a wide variety of sites.

Need a brief, non-technical primer on WordPress? Try this.

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Self-Hosted or ‘Free’?

The first step towards deciding what type of website suits you is having a careful think about your short and long term needs and goals.

The first step is deciding whether to host your own software (self-hosted) or use a free blogging service.

If all you require is a simple blog, you may not need to host your own site, you can use one of the growing number of free blogging services available such as Tumblr, or

Depending on what you are actually wanting to accomplish, an account with facebook, myspace or a youtube channel might be all you need. “The simplest solution is the best solution.”

An important consideration is your domain name – e.g. – which can be a key factor in identity, branding and search engine optimisation.

If you want outright ownership and control of a site under your own domain name and the added power of a CMS built to your specifications, then a ‘self-hosted’ CMS may well be the best solution.

If you need more information on content management systems, other types of websites and hosting feel free to contact us here.

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