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What is WordPress?

WordPress is Great

If you have been browsing the internet lately, chances are you have already encountered WordPress. WordPress is software used to make websites. It powers millions of sites on the web. As of early 2016 around 26% of the entire web is powered by WordPress! Those sites are seen by tens of millions of people every… Continue Reading →

Free WordPress Themes – too good to be true?

The Shiny Blue WordPress Logo

I came across this interesting and entertaining article the other day called “Why You Should Never Search For Free WordPress Themes” It analyses a bunch of free themes from various places and finds an astonishing amount of hidden, encrypted and plain dodgy code placed with ill intent. Sometimes it is best not to accept things… Continue Reading →

Open Source – Making the Web a Better Place

John Lilly, CEO of Mozilla – On the success of the Firefox web browser: “Nobody ever expected Firefox to get 10 per cent of the market, let alone 25. We just wanted to make sure the internet was created by people, not by companies. Our message is that the choices you make about technology –… Continue Reading →

Firefox – go grab it

The Firefox logo with a flaming fox on a globe

If you don’t have Firefox installed as your default browser, why not grab it and give it a try? Firefox is a browser on the rise and with good reason. It’s open source, secure, performs well, renders pages extremely well and in the opinion  of many, generally outclasses Internet Explorer which is quietly losing market… Continue Reading →

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