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We offer photographic services and have a range of stock images. These images are more of an album of snap shots and experiments with styles and post-processing.

Stamper 1870

Parts of a quartz stamper, Wangapeka, New Zealand

More 19th century inventions this week. The focus of this shot is the reaction turbine of a quartz stamper which has been lying in this spot near Courthouse Flats in the Wangapeka for over a hundred years.

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Campbell–Stokes Sunlight Recorder [Image]

Campbell-Stokes Recorder Instagram styles

A Campbell-Stokes sunlight recorder at Nelson Airport. Sometimes called a “Stokes sphere”, these were invented by John Francis Campbell in 1853 and modified in 1879 by Sir George Gabriel Stokes.

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Kahurangi 1 [image]

kahurangi 1

Something a bit abstract this week. The original image was extracted from some video taken during a walk in Kahurangi National Park. I like the palette. Colours weren’t changed during processing – all natural. Not sure about the processing and application of effects to this image. A bit contrived – could be improved with a… Continue Reading →

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Invisible [pic]

This is invisible art

This weeks pic is presented in spirit of the “Invisible: Art about the Unseen 1957 – 2012” exhibition currently on show at London’s Hayward Gallery.

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Gordon Range, Nelson, NZ [pic]

Looking south from Gordon Range

Taken last weekend on a short trek up the Gordon Range in Tasman from the Inwood Lookout car park. Weather was perfect, by the time I was on the ridge there was virtually no wind. Shot from around -41.596646, 172.928934 looking SSW towards the St Arnaud Range which can be seen in the distance. Gordon’s Knob is on the right, point 1564 on the left.

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Phormium tenax

close up of new zealand flax

Carrying on the exploration of nature’s simple forms up close, this week’s image of a flax was taken in morning sun. The black background was a result of lighting conditions, aperture and shutter speed. I’ve added some vignetting but hot sure if I’m completely sold on the post processing, will see if it grows on me.

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Taraxacum 2 [pic]

dandelion flower head

Carrying on last week’s study of Taraxacum, this image captures the same Dandelion a day later. Note how the form resonates so unmistakably with existential notions of Being and Essence. Was this ‘flower’ ever truly complete? Is it now not a ‘Flower’ or it’s true nature somehow made concrete in the inevitability of change?

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Taraxacum [pic]

Dandelion flower head

Noticed this Dandelion flower head in the herb garden by the kitchen window, now displayed here in glorious monochrome for your viewing pleasure.

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