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Ordering Your Online Space

With the recent announcement that Posterous will be closing at the end of April, it’s a great time to think long-term about your online presence. Posterous is home to around 15 million blogs and 63 million pages which will all cease to exist after the end of April. Sure, they can be backed up &… Continue Reading →

Is Social Media Ruining Marketing?

Social Media Cloud

Trends come and go but some things are basic to good business. If you’ve ever had nagging doubts about the rapid rise of social media marketing and how it affects the dynamics of business communication, this article by Alex Goldfayn is an interesting read: Social media is one of the worst things to ever happen… Continue Reading →

The Twitter Effect

A nice piece from Amelia Wade on the psychology of tweeting: “Colin Mathura-Jeffree lives a “fascinating” life. He gets extravagant gift bags from exclusive launches and eats lime, coffee, blueberry lamingtons – the “news” of which he shares with online voyeurs. And when Kate Hawkesby went last month to a French restaurant with her husband,… Continue Reading →

Your Website is a Hub

Remember the days when all you had was a website that was one huge page with blinking text and a gaudy background which your neighbour put together for your one afternoon using frontpage express on his windows 98 machine that took 5 minutes to boot up and crashed a couple of times most days

Angry at Social Media?

I’ll be honest with you – Facebook isn’t really my favourite thing. Social media’s great, but Facebook gets on my nerves. Whether it’s their disdain for their users’ privacy or their attempts to redefine ‘normal’ in the way people relate to each other. Their bottom line is obvious – Facebook users are products. All that… Continue Reading →

We Require Your Facebook Password [Comic]

comic about facebook passwords

via All Things D For background: Reaction from Facebook:

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Pinterest Takes Interwebs by Storm

Pinterest goes crazy

Before you say, ‘not another bloody social media fad’, take a look at the Pinterest site and stand in awe of the statistics. Done that? Good. Now you can sigh if you must, but don’t get left behind eh. The tides of change are unstoppable. Kingdoms rise and kingdoms fall, and Pinterest (quickly add that… Continue Reading →

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